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‘Fleishman Is In Trouble’ + Our Secret Thoughts Of Escape (Romper)

Female Rage Has A Moment In 'Body Full Of Stars' (Romper)

Nicole Chung, ‘All You Can Ever Know,’ & The Stories We Tell Our Children (Romper)

Interview With The Author Of 'All Grown Up' (SparkNotes)

Jon Klassen Is King Of Shifty Eyes (Romper)

What If Heather Havrilesky Is Right? (Romper)

'Salt Houses' Author Hala Alyan On Finding A Home (SparkNotes)

British Humiliation and 'The Cursed Child' (The Millions)

Rare Books for Sale, Excellent Condition (New Yorker)

John Green On High-School Do-Overs, Terrible Kisses, & Big Adventures (SparkNotes)

Mothers, Outdoors: 'End Of The Rope' And Wild Places After Baby (Romper)

I Dedicate This Novel to the Man Who Convinced Me to Stop Writing Silly Genre Fiction and Crank Out a Thinly Veiled Memoir (The Toast)

Ransom Riggs On Why You Need To Print Your Instagrams Out (SparkNotes)

The Secret To Decoding Every English Text Ever (SparkNotes)

And do visit the "This Book Belongs To" series on Romper, featuring essays by authors like Amy Bloom, Leah Campbell, Jon Klassen, and Jancee Dunn <3


essays + humor

Does Your Cat Hate You? (The New Yorker)

A Diary of My Year in Breastfeeding (ELLE)

In Praise of the Zero-Chill Pregnancy (ELLE)

How George Washington Taught Me to Love Awkward Family Photos (The Hairpin)

Sun Protective Clothing Is Worth It (Racked)

Every Single Mom Deserves A Squatty Potty (Romper)

Anthony Lane Profiles James Franco (The Hairpin)

My 99-Year-Old Grandma Still Gives Me Money (The Billfold)

Tiny-Home Families Are Hacking Your Biggest Parental Anxieties (Romper)

So, You're a Dude Who Wants to Build a Tree House (The New Yorker)

It’s Been a Long Time Since a Man Made Love to Me Passionately While Listening to Simply Red (McSweeneys)

Which Supreme Course Justice Are You? (McSweeney's)

Interview: Ben Barnes (SparkNotes)

The Chinese Torture Instrument I Would Definitely Use Again (YouBeauty)

eugene mirman by janet manley (Thought Catalog)

Are You Color Blind? (McSweeney's)

I Visited the Museum of Sex While Pregnant (YouBeauty)

An Anne Geddes Baby Manifesto (McSweeneys)

Your Alien Fetus Is a Miracle of Life (McSweeneys)

Know Your Rights (McSweeneys)

Peeing Like a Man (The Frisky)

How to Leave Home (SparkNotes)